Postcards from Buster
Postcards from Buster (episode)
Season 0
Original airdate December 22, 2003
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Postcards from Buster is the pilot episode of Postcards From Buster. In this episode, Buster goes to New York City with Arthur's family.


After he is finally convinced that his mother won't miss him as much as he thought, Buster decides to go to NYC with Arthur. D.W. wants to see a 1-star play called "Unicornucopia" and tries to save up as much money as she can to afford to go there. While she and Arthur's parents go to see the play, Arthur and Buster explore New York City with Bo. First they go to Chinatown and El Barrio, meet up with subway break dancers and a sidewalk chalk artist. Then they try to meet Los Viajeros at "The Point", a children's recreation center in the Bronx, but they get lost. They ask some girls if they know the way to "The Point" which they do find, but don't meet up with Los Viajeros because they aren't there. Suddenly Arthur forgets he was supposed to see "Unicornucopia" with his family, which ends up being a good thing for him because it was a bad play. At the end of the episode Arthur thanks Buster for a good time.