The following is a list of episodes of Postcards from Buster. 54 episodes have aired in 4 seasons. The show has not aired any new episodes since October 2008.

Season 1 (2004-2005)Edit

Season one
No. Title Place(s) Visited Original airdate
01 Meet Me at the Fair Knox, Indiana 2004-10-11
02 A Sense of Direction Chicago, Illinois 2004-10-12
03 Buster and Beatrice San Antonio, Texas 2004-10-13
04 The Giant Pumpkins Mount Hood & Canby, Oregon 2004-10-14
05 Among the Hmong Madison, Wisconsin 2004-10-15
06 Sleepy in Seattle Seattle, Washington 2004-10-18
07 Up the River Mandan & Bismarck, North Dakota 2004-10-19
08 Rodeo Cowgirl Houston, Texas 2004-10-20
09 Buster's Buffalo Round-Up Rapid City, South Dakota 2004-10-21
10 Moose on the Loose Jackson Hole, Wyoming 2004-10-22
11 Rock 'n' Roll Boulder, Colorado 2004-11-08
12 Hoops and Drums Lander, Wyoming 2004-11-09
13 Swimming in the Desert Phoenix, Arizona 2004-11-10
14 Good Ol' Tyme Whitesburg, Kentucky 2004-11-11
15 Buster's Road Rules Tucson, Arizona 2004-11-12
16 Bayou, By Me Slidell & Larose, Louisiana 2004-11-15
17 Best Friends Winchester, Kentucky 2004-11-16
18 Winter Gold Park City, Utah 2004-11-17
19 Star Search Charleston, South Carolina 2004-11-18
20 We Are Family Salt Lake City, Utah 2004-11-19
21 Buster's League of Champions Virgina Beach, Virgina 2005-01-03
22 A Bridge Back Home Brooklyn, New York 2005-01-04
23 Lost and Found Guanajuato, Gto., Mexico 2005-01-05
24 The Music Mystery New Orleans, Louisiana 2005-01-06
25 The Low Riders East Los Angelos, California 2005-01-07
26 Beats by the Bay San Francisco, California


27 A City View Manhattan, New York 2005-01-11
28 Home Sweet Home Miami Florida 2005-01-12
29 Riding the Wave Cocoa Beach, Florida 2005-01-13
30 Buster's Lucky Year San Francisco, California 2005-01-14
31 Spring Break Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada 2005-01-31
32 Buster Gets on Board Los Angelos, California 2005-02-01
33 Sugartime! Hinesburg, Vermont 2005-02-02
34 Buster's Sweet Song Leiper's Fork, Tennessee 2005-02-03
35 Family Reunion Nashville, Tennessee 2005-02-04
36 Alien Adventure Roswell, New Mexico 2005-02-28
37 Coming Together Seattle, Washington 2005-02-29
38 Treasure Island San Juan, Puerto Rico 2005-03-30
39 Step By Step Hartford, Connecticut 2005-03-31
40 Buster's Big Goal East Boston, Massachusetts 2005-04-01

Season 2 (2006-2007)Edit

Title Original air date
41 2-1 "Mykala, Pono & Buster's Big Hawaii Show (The Big Island, Hawaii)" November 27, 2006 (November 27, 2006)
Buster travels with Los Viajeros to the Big Island of Hawaii and learns about the volcanos, such as Kilauea and Mauna Loa. He also gets to learn about hula dancing and swims with the dolphins.
42 2-2 "The Mitten of Mackinac Island (Mackinac Island, Michigan)" December 4, 2006 (December 4, 2006)
Buster travels to Mackinac island, Bo's favorite vacation spot. But when he gets there, he thinks the place is more like a ghost town as the entire island and all facilities including the Grand Hotel are empty. He soon discovers that is actually because it is winter and most of the facilities are closed. Buster soon meets Lou Clark, which the school he and his group attends is very small. Buster, Lou, and Scott make a movie about the War of 1812.
43 2-3 "Buster's Baseball Merengue (Dominican Republic)" December 11, 2006 (December 11, 2006)
Buster realizes that Damon and Bateria, his favorite players on the Elwood Grebes, have been traded. He decides to scout the Dominicon Replublic for a new talent. Buster manages to get Los Viajeros to develop a music album of merengue. He also, unexpectedly, comes across a player from the Grebes.
44 2-4 "The Case of the Coin Purloined (Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri)" December 18, 2006 (December 18, 2006)
Los Viajeros go to Fort Leonard and are provided with a "Coin of Excellence". Carlos gives the coin to Buster, but he looses it. Buster discovers a note that mysteriously appeared in his pocket, which makes him believe that the coin was stolen. After meeting Erin, Buster heads out into the desert and eventually discovers what happened to the coin and he gets a reward of his own for his work.
45 2-5 "Philadelphia Masala (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)" January 8, 2007 (January 8, 2007)
After having problems with the food on the plane, Buster travels to Philadelphia and meets various Indian religions and foods and discovers a solution.
46 2-6 "A Capital Egg Hunt (Washington, D.C.)" January 15, 2007 (January 15, 2007)
Buster travels to Washington, D.C. and misses the D.C. Easter egg hunt. He decides to create his very own egg hunt that involves the use of riddles.
47 2-7 "La Belle Poutine (Montreal, Québec, Canada)" January 22, 2007 (January 22, 2007)
Buster travels to Montreal and films scenes that Carlos and Mora went on their honeymoon. He also visits a hockey rink and tries more new food.
48 2-8 "Your Friend, My Friend (Encinitas, California & Tijuana, Mexico)" January 29, 2007 (January 29, 2007)
Mr. Ratburn wants the class to write to their pen pals in Encinitas and Buster travels there to meet up with Kyle, his own pen pal. After participating in a beach cleanup, he travels to Tijuana and meets another set of pen pals.
49 2-9 "This Just In! (Talladega, Alabama)" February 5, 2007 (February 5, 2007)
A news story is being sponsored by a TV station for a contest and Mr. Ratburn gives it a chance for the students to take extra credit. Buster has traveled to Alabama and wants to do a story about auto-racing, but it is off-season and no one is racing at Talladega speedway. He goes to the Alabama School for the Blind and he soon discovers that a journalist does not need to manufacture news but keep his senses open.
50 2-10 "Back to the Bayou (New Orleans & Slidell, Louisiana)" February 10, 2007 (February 10, 2007)

Buster makes a second visit to Louisiana after hearing about the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Along with other Elwood City friends and families, he brings food and clothing to help out the survivors. Buster's family and Arthur's family watch his video postcard of his previous Louisiana trip (the episode had aired 7 months before Katrina struck) and they learn about what had happened to them during Katrina and how their lives have changed.

Season 3 (2007-2012)Edit

Title Original air date
1 3-51 "Ciao Buster (Venice, Italy)" November 7, 2008 (November 7, 2008)
Buster and Bo go on a vacation to the ancient city of Venice, Italy. While he is there, Buster learns all about the transport that involves the use of gondoliers instead of autos. He tries to track the Murano Glass Factory. The Baxters get hopelessly lost among the winding byways, palazzos, alleys and canals.
2 3-52 "Buster in Beijing (Beijing, China)" November 14, 2008 (November 14, 2008)
Buster travels to Beijing to come up with party ideas for Muffy's lawn extravaganza. The 2008 Summer Olympics had recently taken place, but Buster has other plans on his mind. He encounters kids who use their talents to help meet needs in their communities, which inspires Buster to start giving back to Elwood City.
3 3-53 "Buster's Egyptian Adventure (Cairo, Egypt)" November 21, 2008 (November 21, 2008)
Buster becomes infatuated with Egypt after playing a video game with Arthur. When he travels there, he discovers that, aside from the Egyptian Pyramids, there are lots of places to explore in the bustling streets of Cairo with its towering mosque minarets, colorful markets, and donkeys and carts and fresh-fruit vendors.
4 3-54 "Finding Family in Chennai" February 18, 2012 (February 18, 2012)
Buster needs to make a family tree for social studies class.
5 3-55 "Vamos, Buster" February 25, 2012 (February 25, 2012 )
Buster is excited to visit Chile but is afraid he won't be daring enough to keep up with locals.

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