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Hey, Buster! is the theme song of Postcards from Buster. It was performed by Wyclef Jean and featured 3 on 3 (see the lyrics in parentheses).


  • Hey Buster!
  • Where you on to?
  • Whatchu up to Buster?
  • Where you up to nowwww?
  • Where you gonna be, Who you gonna see thereeee (Let's find out who's hands we'll shake!)
  • See the things ya done, we can have some fun then (Let's find out what friends we'll make!)
  • Buster! Where you up to?
  • Whatchu up to Buster?
  • Where you up to nowwww? (Yeah yeah yeah yeah)
  • Ring around the globe from North Pole to South Pole
  • Riding on horses, ferries, trains and planes
  • Hikin', bikin', swimmin' at the seashore
  • He's got his camera and he's gonna explore
  • All the new things he's never done before!
  • Ye! Ye! Ye! Ye!
  • Hey Buster! (Ye)
  • Where you up to? (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
  • Whatchu up to Buster?
  • Where you off to now, now, now, now..
  • Hey Buster!
  • Where you off tooooooo?
  • Yeah!


PFB Opening Theme Song (Version 1)01:01

PFB Opening Theme Song (Version 1)

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